Middleby PS-360WB

I am looking to upgrade some pizza ovens- we’re pretty high volume- currently I have 3 Middleby PS 250 ovens, we’re moving the store and I need a smaller oven footprint. I am looking at keeping 1 PS 250 and buying 2 Middleby PS-360WB ovens. I know Papa Johns bought thousands of these ovens.

I am concerned about an even bake, across the whole 40" of belt. I know the extra wide belt has a bad reputation for baking evenly.

Any info on the bake of the Middleby PS-360WB (40" wide belt) is greatly appreciated.

Thanks as always,

i would like to know also, i run ps-360q ovens in one of my stores and its great i would like to get a WB for other other store which does more volume.

i would think they would bake evenly or PJ would not have installed so many in there stores if they were not baking good

I have 2 WB’s in one of my stores and 2 EWB’s in another. Never had an issue about even baking. If you could find an EWB that is better in my opinion. 44" wide belt vs 40" belt. All other features are identical to a normal 360/350.

Ask your self if the 360 WB was such a great oven, why did PJ switch to another oven?

Answer: Operating costs.

All the older ovens are gas and electricity hogs as compared to the technology now available.

George Mills

Let’s not forget that there was a small % paid to PJ corp. from MM for the nice sale of ovens to all the stores.
As an independent buying a new oven, the usual savings does not show up for several years vs buying one used.