Middleby PS540 question


I looking at buying a new Middleby PS540-D oven. Purchase price is $12,500. Delivery, set in place and start up is $1,575.00 and freight is $875.00.

I have deck ovens now so I need the new island hood. That cost is $3,150. And I’m responsible for electrical and to have it flashed. (roof).

I’m trying to decide if I need the deliver, set in place and start up?? Or can I do that myself?? To save the $1,575.00.

Also, do the prices seem in-line with what anyone out there has paid??

Any help is appreciated!


Actually…I just went to order the middle by and they say it’s a 4 week lead time. I’m opening in 2 weeks. Now I’m looking on Craigslist for a used single or double stack of Middleby’s or Lincolns. I need the 32" belt.

If anyone has any info on where I could get those used, I would appreciate it.

Have you got all your permits in place for installing your oven?..You are opening in 2 weeks and have not bought an oven?..IMO that is a very tight timeline to get all your ducks in a row and do your testing and get open…Good luck…

If you are interested in a double stack of Middleby marshall 360 Q’s for under $6000. let me know. I have a friend that upgraded to brand new Edge 60’s and he is anxious to get rid of these.

Wow! Only two weks out and no oven yet.
When we open a new store we recommend that the contractor finish the kitchen area first (due to all of the equipment that will need to be moved in and connected) and then while the public area is being finished we work with the store to perfect their pizzas which is typically about 2 or 3-weeks out from opening. So those ovens were ordered a full month or more earlier. Once you know what the local regs are regarding a hood, you should be able to buy a used oven that will fit under your hood and then have your contractor plumb it in for you. Make sure you know what gas pressure and volume is needed for your oven as well as gas line diameter. You will also need a 110V hookup too, just know what amperage the circuit needs to be. While most ovens have wheels, some codes require that the oven be secured too. The biggest issue there is to face is not knowing if the oven is presently set up correctly to bake YOUR pizzas. All “conveyor” ovens are NOT pizza ovens, and all pizza ovens are NOT all set up alike. Today we see many ovens being set up with custom finger profiles, so you might end up needing to make a call to the manufacturer to get some different top or bottom fingers for your oven. This all takes some time…I hope you’re not too hard on that 2-week opening date.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Butchy:

If you buy a used oven it will, unless you get a very young one, and pay almost the price of new, you will soon spend more in operationg cost than you saved buying used.

There have been tremendous improvement in burners and modulating valves for ovens and the new units operate at 30 to 40 % less cost than the old ovens .

Take into consideration the potential for expensive service calls and consider getting a set of edge ovens with a five year parts and service warranty.

George Mills