Middlybe oovens

360 middlybe wow ovens any users ?
Would you buy them again ?
Does middlybe Marshall oven cook a pizza better than an edge pizza oven ?

They all pretty much bake the same. The Middleby will cost you twice as much to buy and twice as much to repair. I got rid of my last set a year ago.

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At this point in time, middlybe Marshall is just for the big chains, they get special deals and priorty, a pain to clean. Get the EDGE. The 2 owners leaned everything from Lincoln, and added a few things of there own. 3260 shipped in 3 days for 15,000. Run at 500 for 5 minutes, 107 14" pizzas per hour. you cant beat that.


Are you making Greek style pizza ?

No. I assume you are though :grinning: