Migali Refrigeration

Anyone use this brand for a make table or refrigeration? Always had True or Traulsen myself but wondered what others thought of this brand.

Same here need a new prep table and was wondering also

I have both their 6 foot sandwich and 8 foot pizza table . I met them at the pizza expo and they convinced me to buy . They look great and cool great . Look well built . I have only had them running about 2 weeks so time will tell how long they last .

It appears this company builds a good product. I have heard fro me some users that having the condiment rail erased so high fatigues the workers. Its more comfortable to work at lower than solder leave than above

We carry a complete line of Migali products and have had nothing but good feedback from users. Check it out here: http://pizzasolution.com/migali.html

We’ve purchased 2 sets of 2 in the past year to replace older ones that were racking up repair bills.

Positives: Inexpensive. So far reliable. Digital thermometer readout displayed on outside. A bit more efficient as the condensed water is evaporated using the heat from the coil instead of a separate evaporator pan. Fins have a filter cover held on with magnets that grab the dust, are easy to pull and wash, and make the need to blow dust out a rarity.

Negatives: Metal lids are not welded where an inner fold/edge is exposed, so if you’re not careful when cleaning that edge will tear through a towel and rip your flesh. Units have a built in on/off switch right at knee height, so it’s possible your make line can be turned off by accident - will want to have someone hardwire it on if you never intend to turn it off or maybe relocate to a better place.

Great, thanks for the response Brad and much appreciated!

it seems like most manufactures put the compressor on the right side any body know a good brand that puts it on the left?


I picked up 2 salad tables from them. I was in a bind and needed them quick. They are a little less than a year old now. Honestly, for the price, I’m more than happy. My only complaints, are they do seem to be a lower quality stainless and the evaporator fans shut off with the compressor. Most others, they run all the time and keep air circulating which seems better. All said and done as of now I would buy one again.

How have your Migali tables been working out?

They are still working great . The pizza table does have a digital readout on the front and there is a switch there . The switch is at a location that would be pretty hard to turn off by accident .They keep temp great and look great .The sandwich table also has a digital readout .

Just got mine in looks great

Which model do you have? I was going to do the 67" C-PP67 pizza table.

That is the one

I can deliver 6 packs and 22 oz. beer here with their pizza so I went with the migali c-pp93 gives me a little extra room to store the beer up front so I don’t have to go to back cooler if I have a walkin customer wanting beer .

I am considering a Migali PP93 @ $2700 vs a True TPP93 @ $6200. I would like to hear from anyone that has had either unit for a while. Does the Migali hold up and perform well? Is the True worth 2x the price.

We hated the migalli. Leaked everywhere all the time. Lasted about 5 years but the leaking was pretty much right away and we were told by techs it couldn’t be stoppes. Spent the money on true this time around. Still rather new (6-8 months) but no leaking and no other issues

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I should say we bought two (8’ and 6’) at the same time (morning of Halloween when it was on a Friday, 2014?). Both had the same issues so it doesn’t seem like a one time issue

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We have True and Migali. Migali sometimes has a problem with water accumulating in the bottom but otherwise good product after 4 years.