Min wage to 9.00 an hour in California

“Does that include drivers and servers or does California allow for a lower tipped wage? If I had to pay drivers that I think I’d be carryout only.”

Everyone makes 9+

California will never be a tip credit state.

Domino’s are dong well because they are the class act when it comes to marketing. I hate it every time I see one of their ads because I want to do the same :(. They just do it so well and spend heaps getting their message across. Pizzas may be very ordinary and ultra small (10 1/2 inch Large) but people flock to them especial Tuesday nights when they do $4.95 Large.
We don’t try and compete, match or anything. Just do our own higher quality, great service, fantastic product and push this as our USP. We do less but make more per pizza. Only need 1% of Domino’s customers to come to us and I would be EXTREMELY happy :slight_smile:
Many Independents are now struggling, or going under due to the ridiculous wage restraints we have her in the land of OZ - double time on Sunday and Double time and a half on Public Holidays. How can you survive when you are paying drivers $40 ph + delivery fees
Outside of Domino’s Pizza Hut and Eagle Boy’s stores are for sale buy the truck load. Looks like they are finding it tough and are trying to jump ship.

$40 an hour on Sunday’s. That’s hilarious. The groups pushing for higher wages in California are also anti church so I’ll think we’ll skate on that one.

Does pizza just not get delivered on Sundays in AU? Everyone carry out only those days?

Pizzas get delivered everyday of the week, some even on Christmas Day
The likes of Domino’s pay under the hourly rate and get away with it thanks to them being able to have attorneys work out a deal for the whole franchise, while we are forced to pay the proper rate. Some of their stores I know of pay the same hourly rate everyday of the year but double their delivery allowance to the drivers from $2 to $4 on Public Holidays. How they get away with it have no idea and it is sanctioned by Fair Work Australia, the governing board that dictates wages and conditions. I have seen Work Place communications (from court cases where they have taken operators to task for underpaying) state that they have to pay drivers $12 per hour and $2 per delivery. We have to pay a 17 year old (min age to be a driver due to drivers licence age) $17 per hour plus delivery fee based on km rate. We use average km rates of $2.50, $3 and $4per delivery based on deivery zones. It would take hours everyday to work out km rates for every delivery.
We have an enterprise bargaining wage where everyone gets the same pay rate everyday regardless of what shift they work. It is based on an average hourly rate across all days, including those with the higher penalty rates. This means regardless of shifts worked everyone gets the same hourly rate (adjusted to age up to 20 after which all get adult rates). We pay the Public holiday rates on top of this. They get higher than normal rate M-F and lower for weekends. It riles me that people only are available, or only want to work weekends, and we have to pay them more. They don’t have any specific skills or training but get paid more. IT STINKS !! There is a shift to try and get rid of the weekend penalty rates, or reduce they down to something more realistic
The current system is makes it so hard to make profit on Sundays and Public holidays and many restaurants do not open these days. It kills them when they have chefs, wait & bar staff, all n adult wages of + $40 ph. We charge a 10% surcharge on Public Holidays but this only covers a bout 50% of the extra wage bill, plus I work these days to keep wage cost down and my staff are younger people on a lower hourly rate. By law we are supposed to have 2 menus, 1 for normal time and 1 for public holidays if you charge a surcharge - you are not supposed to add on a surcharge form you current menu, but the costs of having 2 menus and changing the boards is cost prohibitive. Different if you have a restaurant where you give a menu at the table where its easy to change, but where we have wall mounted menus boards it is a different story.
It is a very uncompetitive wage scheme we have set by a Commission that is headed up by ex union attorneys. It was set up by the Labor government (where 70% of members were ex union delegates or attorneys) and so it was biased towards union demands from the start. Hopefully in the near future we will see some movements in reducing these wage burdens as we move more from previous restricted hours retailing to 24/7 open trade


Do you feel the higher rates for everyone system provides more sales to businesses. The proponents of higher minimum wages here always pull out the " if you pay them more they’ll spend more card " when these debates come up. I’m hoping this is true as our minimum wages are on there way up.


No. There is no correlation showing increased wages drive up sales. People just put it into paying their mortgage, or overseas holidays to Bali or Phuket. Anything else is swallowed up by rising costs - the more you have to pay the more you have to charge, and the governments are ace at doing this.
The only " if you pay them more they’ll spend more card " is with the cashed up younger ones who will spend any more they get on alcohol and drugs, or the lower socio-economic group who spend everything today and don’t save for tomorrow.
Don’t get fooled by the " if you pay them more they’ll spend more card " mantra. It is theory only, unless you are a drug pusher :eek:

The " lower socio-econimic group" are ones I’m going to be relying on here in the near future.

True. That’s where the money is. Unfortunately we are in a mi to upper mid socio-economic area

If everyone is forced to pay more by increasing min. wage then they will spend more… at least those making min. wage. Peeople making min. wage aren’t paying mortgages or taking overseas holiday, they are spending money. It only works if its done across the board which is why we have these laws, and phased in over time. Min. wage should be about $20 an hour if it kept up with productivity and inflation. Stop thinking you can compete with the chains $5 specials and price according to quality and service. It doesn’t work if you just tell me to pay $20 an hour it has to be across the board, the whole point with min wage.