Mini Burger Appetisers? Your Thoughts?

I have been trying to get cheaper menu items and appetisers to go with everything else I sell. I have noticed a trend in my area, the mini burgers sold at full service restauraunts are selling like mad. I have one of those Billy Mays slider station pans at home and make some great burgers on them. Best thing is you can portion the meat season it and then freeze them. Thought being I could prep a week’s worth of mini burgers and place in the freezer and then put the slider station on a hot plate and BAM instant burgers. Add some cheese and buns basic condiments and I could call it a day. Best thing is it is cheap, $20 for the Slider station, and the ingrediants which I can freeze them all.

Think it will be a great kids menu item as well. Thinking of selling them for a buck each. I was also thinking of offering different burgers like chili burgers, bacon cheese, pizza burger, ect at a little higher price.

Thoughts on this?

Its definitely a hot item right now but its nothing new and only a fad until they re-invent the hot dog or something else. With the labor involved you are not making anything on them at $1 unless they are buying something else. That’s what the fast food chains are counting on – $1 sliders and you also buy fries and drinks.

Great happy hour item or in between meal thing.
Offer combos/lunch specials with them.

Not sure if you want such low ticket items eating into your dinner rush. You don’t want to take someone off the assembly line from making $20 pies to stop and make a $1 slider.

One of the great advantages of pizza is the relatively low labor cost to make big ticket items. Getting into hamburgers can really throw off your labor. Not a bad idea for the slower hours/lunch/in between etc . . .