minimum sq ft

i was just wondering what the minimum square footage that you would consider running a carryout and delivery store.
850? 1500?

just wondering because i may be possibly buying a franchise with all of the equipment for 10k, and would love to move it closer to home. and its not doing so hot where its at now 90miles away…3500 a week

there is already one of these franchises in town that is doing “14k per month”. my store would be on the total opposite side of the city (pop 75,501) metro (151,000) would that be a bad idea?

There are some here with smaller stores, but I would reccomend nothing smaller than 1000 sq feet and thats only if you can put your walk in outside. But then again, at 14K per month, who needs a walk in. By my calculations, thats less than 40 pizzas per day on average, depending on price, maybe much less.

oops 14k a week, that’s what the other store is doing

Holy Hell! I would have a suit made of 100 dollar bills for myself and retire to Scottsdale if our shop was making that much a week!

I would say 1500 sq ft if you think you will do 14K per week. I do a little over that and if you take out our small dine in area that is what we would have. You could go to the other store in your town and try to estimate what sq ft they have.

The way most franchise agreements work, that other franchisee probably has the rights to the area you are looking at moving. You need to be 100% sure that the franchise rights are available for the area you want to move to. Do this BEFORE you start working on a contract to buy the business and BEFORE you enter lease negotiations!

Your royalty fees could be between 4k and 6k per month… Do you really want to give that up lol? Thats gonna be one hell of a check to write every month.

Steve if he is writing a cheque that big each month, he is doing big numbers in sales…$100,000 per month?..The last franchise I was involved with saved at least as much each month in food purchases to pay royalties and co-op advertising…

Very true. I considered that when I posted. But still lol. Giving that kind of money away to people for basically no involvement… Ouch.

But wait, 100k per month? If he’s doing 14k per week, thats approx 56k per month.

The CEO says the other store is doing 14k per week (who knows if hes full of it). and i would be on the other side of town so who knows how much i could make? idk i have to get deeper in to details. and figure it out. contact the other owner and see if he would want to co op marketing. i dont really know how he would feal about this

I would be amazed if the existing store does not have the rights to whole market. That is the usual arrangement.

idk they are only selling to a small area of our city. who knows until i ask

I’m operating in a 700 sq ft place doing pizzas, Rotisserie chicken & ribs, lasagna and oven baked subs and more for take out and delivery only. Plus I have a 3 station call center in the back for phone orders and my restaurant delivery service. I must say it is tight but it works, The restaurant averaged 2800$ per night for January without any real issues. We got a 5’x6’ walk-in, 2 deep fryers, a 6 burner range/convection oven, triple stack middleby and a 16 bird rotisserie that is on display for the customers to see. Dry Storage is an issue but we got creative, the only thing we don’t have space for is the flour, lol right now whemn the food order comes in in the AM we have to move the flour each time, it is driving my kitchem manager nuts, I have to fix this issue ASAP but not sure how yet.

sweet, im looking at an 800sq ft place. i know it will be cramped but you know what they say location location location.

so how do you have your order pickup set up (how big and how Manny seats)

do you have any type of office area?

I’ll take some picks for you tommorow, PM me your email addy

We have a long counter that is 32 inches wide that faces the front behind the counter there is 3 feet for staff then a cut and salad line and beside that the rotisserie. We have a mini counter along the side wall for 4 electric hotbags to hold the delivery orders and for the insulated pizza and catering bag storage. There is 2 other electric hotbags under the service counter for pick-up orders.

We have 4 high stools for slices, waiting etc

The office is about 17’ x 7’ length ways (the bathroom is in this space as well) I use it for my other biz (multiple restaurant delivery service) and to take Panoli’s phone orders all in the same phone system. All my front staff are crossed trained to work both businesses. The office space has phone 3 stations to take orders and there is one more station up front for orders etc… I must admit I was worried how all this would work out mixing the 2 companies but it is working great after 4 months in biz here.

i’m glad to help anyway i can, I’m a newbie to the pizza biz but not to the delivery biz

Its not just location, location, location… If one thing is for certain the price of our food and labor continues to climb, and yet in order to stay competitive its important as an indie to maintain a low overhead, and minimize your fixed costs so that you can compete with the franchises, and Multi-store Indie’s who have greater buying power. I have learned that a single store franchisee will pay about 5% more for his food than a 5 store owner. My food cost as a single store owner used to average about 33%, but now that I am part of a multi-store system my cost have lowered about 5%. I also have a smaller store which have reduced my overhead by about 10%, which makes up for this years 6% minimum wage increase. I work out of 600 sq. ft., wish I had 800 sq ft. but it works, and we handle $15K a week just fine. It takes a little more organization, and it helps that I get food deliveries 3 days a week, allowing me to carry less inventory.

Franchise rights are not related to the delivery area of the store that already exists.

The rights relate to EXCLUSIVE rights to open new stores in the same market. Often those rights will be defined by a radius such as within 50 miles or by political boundaries like a city or county. In some cases they could be greater than that.

If there is already a succesful store in your market, it is very unlikely that they do not already have plans to expand and protected rights to do so.

This is an absolutely critical issue for you to investigate.

OMG worst super bowl ever////// man make it monday i cant wait… now my question

i’m hopefully getting to see numbers tomorrow and the monthly bills. but i want to make sure i don’t miss or forget about anything. can some one think up a list i have tried and i think im missing some stuff.

I got

Employees…anything else

Repairs and advertising come to mind and since it is a franchise how about the royalty payments.