Minimum Wage Bill Fails

I love how they used a pizzeria as an example.

We are only a year and half away from $10 min in California. We have several groups pushing for to move it to $12 or $15. The latest is a congresswoman proposing $26 an hour.

Are owners are also guaranteed $26 per hour? How about a guaranteed return on investment for starting a business?

Yes !! Free government mandated money for everyone :slight_smile:

The thing that proponents of minimum wage increases forget to look at is how much ONE HOUR of work will buy. It seems to be the same as when I was paid 20 cents an hour way back in the dark ages. An hour and a bit would by you a ticket to the movie same as today.

Well at least the $13 an hour bill got voted down. That would have been a major price hike.

Must be pretty expensive movies up your way Richard…9.00 here…10.00 on Tuesday inc. pop & popcorn…

Try being in Australia where the minimum wage increases every July on an average of 5%. We have no say in it. A Tribunal awards the min pay increase based on CPI and other factors. We have no choice but pay it and if you don’t then you are likely to be reported to Fair Work Australia who then take action against the employer. Good for workers rights but they tend to back the worker every time

General Admission $11.75 at the Cineplex. Minimum wage goes to $10.20 in September.