Minimum wage increase and morale?

If your effected by the new .70 cent wage increase next month, Are you giveing veteran employess a small raise also to help keep morale up?

where are you located?

I can’t afford to do that, really. I am paying well above current minimum right now, and a bit over the new one. In the normal course of business, they will be ahead of the minimum wage hikes.

I make WELL under the $500K threshhold, so have a legal argument to pay less than the new federal minimum . . . except that GA may soon add a hike to our rolls. So, I have a brief window of credibility.

Like someone else has already said, though. Not mauny people will be overjoyed working for less than the federal minimum, even if it is legal.

As quoted in every office building in America at least once daily… “McDonald’s is always hiring” :slight_smile:

I’m confident that a minimum wage wage increase is not something that will bring the morale of my crew down.

Our drivers make less than minimum before tips. (after tips it is more like $15 per hour) Other than that, the LOWEST paid employee we have makes $10 an hour. No, we will not be giving raises when the minimum changes.

May I ask what city/state you are in? Or what country, if that is applicable. I get a better perspective knowing where peolpe are and their relative cost of living areas.

We are located in a ski resort town in Colorado.