Minnesota girl

no, just the flour, I like the name though !

from Con Agra, 12% ± protein, mixing my first batch now,
can see it does not absorb as much water as the GM Harvest King I have been using…just added a few ounces of flour

…anybody else using Minnesota Girl that I can get some feed back ?
also got a bag of Denaro that I this is comparable
…my formula is 60% water, 2.75% salt, .5% IDY…16 pound flour batch,


PS I may move up in protein to Denardo, which I have in the shop, or Occident for later…
…Kyrol is protein comparable to All Trumps, too high for me, a good pizza flour none the less

after using it, it is lower protein, 60% water was too much…
makes good pizza, lighter, numerous small blisters on the handles…
it all makes good pizza,

They sell it at Costco down here in Tucson, maybe I will have to grab a bag and try. I hope things are going great for you this year up in Qsite. I am going to try and get by to see you sometime before I FINALLY get open. Take care.

come by anytime, closed on Tuesdays so call first,

I understand Minnesota Girl and Denrado by Con Agra are the same except for the Minnesota Girl being bleached,
I have both, and that does seem to be the case, 11.8% -+ protein…
maybe it is a “quality” protein…
I hear people talking about flour protein quality. I am not sure if you know you have it.
Anybody shed some light on it, I’d appreciate it.