Misco pizzometer, John Correll

Anybody out there ever use a “pizzometer” that checks the brix rating, or I think the amount of sugar in sauce or soft drinks.
It seems like a good quality control device.

John, could you shed some light on this ?


Re: Misco pizzometer

I have never heard of a pizzometer.
I have a refractommiter that measure the brix sugar content of soda.
It works better then a brix cup for true taste.

Re: Misco pizzometer

Thank you for that information
I found out that Misco pizzometer was a brix refractometer also.
I understand you can check the consistency of sugar in anything, like pizza sauce as well.
your machine may do pizza sauce also !
I plan to get one, for soda and pizza sauce.

What kind do you have ?

Re: Misco pizzometer

It is used to check the sugar content of the soft drinks, but when used on a sauce it gives you the total solids, not the sugar (sugar is only a part of the total solids in a pizza sauce). Most operators seem to favor a finished sauce with something in the 11 to 13% solids range.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor