Missing login button

So starting yesterday or the day before ( i do not remember) everytime i visit PMQ i am missing the login button. I have to goto the members section now to be able to login.

pmq without login.jpg
pmq with login.jpg

Was this a intentional change ? (the pop up with a signup link is still there, i clicked it off for that picture)

Its fine on my computer

Do you login thru the starting page or directly to this forum ?

If i drop to the PMQ forums spot the login is there, but if i come into the Think Tank it is not. I verified this at home on Firefox and here at work on Chrome.

Just dropped me to the login page from my saved link and has kept me in ever since - chrome only user.

Im always logging in directly into the think tank and I’m a chrome user

weird, well lets fire up IE shudders and try it out.

It is almost like all the cookies were reset. I had to scroll down to find it in Safari.

Curious indeed! I will check with Claudio on this.


Which web browser are you using? I’ve made some changes, could you please check if the issue still?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Just logged in from work, (chrome browser, but i also have firefox installed) and it is still missing from the think tank thread, but found on the forum page. I will try firefox here in a minute.

Chrome thinktank no login.JPG Chrome forum w login.JPG firefox forums wlogin.JPG firefox thinktank no login.JPG

Just logged out, and attempted to log back in with firefox (v28) and chrome (Version 43.0.2357.130 m). As you can see if i drop straight into the think tank forum (i have used this link for years now), there is no login button. But if i drop back to the Forum page, then it appears. (screen shots were made with snagit in region mode)

Edit: At home i use firefox (v32?), i no longer have chrome installed, but if you want i can install the latest version at home and see if that fixes the problem.

Everything is back!