Mistake postcards

Does anyone know what company sells “OOPS” postcards. You know… the cards you can send to a customer if their order was late or there was a mistake on it? A few years ago I saw them offered, but can’t find them anywhere.


thank you so much… this was the company that I remembered!!

we use our own, we 5.00, 10,00 20.00 and free pizza
heres what it looks like


that looks good… thanks for your input!!

That looks good - however, do you have permission to use those copyrighted images of Goofy?

yeah, disney corp’s legal dept is not my idea of a good time

Quite a few years back I was an insurance adjuster…One day I get this call from a laywer asking me if I had kids and could do a job that night…The local elementary school was showing 101 Dalmations…Apparently they had rented a copy at the local video store and were showing it without the right kind of licence…I had to go watch what was going on and provide a report…Fortunately for the school the matter ended with a “cease and desist” letter…A few months later was sent to take a photo of a cabinet maker’s sign that had 1/2 a mickey on it…RCS…

Be careful or you’ll be sending REAL $5, $10 and $20’s to Disney.

I actually Purchased this from the disney store, in a clip art program and it says “spruce up your art work with our colorful graphics”
that to me says 2 things
I paid for it
and THEY suggest using it

It is pretty typical for collections of licenced art such as Disney to prohibit any kind of commercial use…RCS…