Mistakes and cancelled orders...idea for thought

Before I present this idea to the owner, I wanted to see what you thought.

Another person had a good idea (the one about the cold pizza), but you all came with great ideas back about what customers would and could do to mess the shop over, so that’s why I wanted to come here first.

Rather than throw the pies away…would it not be feasible, say, to have a driver call the local emergency personnel (police, fire, ambulance, any military bases in the area???) and offer those pies to them for $3-$5 depending upon toppings?

I know that as a former 911 dispatcher, you can’t always get food when you want it, and then when you are able to get a break, then everyone is closed. I know, in my area, I’d welcome it.

What do you think of that idea? Or, do you think the same corruption would happen there?

Just give it to them. I personally think it is tacky to call them to try and sell your orphaned orders.

Giving them away is a much better idea. It seems that whenever I drop off a pizza at the fire dept, I usually get several of them return within a week. It’s just good PR.

I completely agree…I’m just trying to brainstorm some because we do have some mistake makers that the company isn’t really letting go, and I think that if the employees continue to benefit from the mistakes, they will continue to happen.

What other avenues could the business look at if they started really cutting into us, other than the obvious…letting the deadweight go?

When I am not there, there’s at least 2 or 3 (sometimes more) mistakes made…and IMO, that’s too many.

In my town, we have a Food Bank that comes around on Monday and picks up all our 'left over" pizzas. It used to be that the IRS would not allow a deduction for donations as the food had already been expensed. However, the IRS has softened its heart and now companies can claim a deduction for a portion of the food they donate to food banks.

This is from IRS Publication 526 (2008):
The formula is very IRSish and it looks like you need to do some good, solid record-keeping to claim it.

I’ve talked with a few of the people that volunteer at the food bank and was told that some weeks our pizzas were about the only thing they were bagging up for distribution… just some food for thought.

:roll: Why do you care? I thought you were going to quit anyway?

Or is this a good chance to b*tch and moan about your employer again?

Wow…that was a bit harsh, wasn’t it?

Perhaps you’ve not heard the age old saying:

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”.

**ETA: Why I care is because my husband still works there, and now I am on medical leave and they have posed this problem to me to brainstorm…I am going to be doing lots of “sit down” work for them in the future, actually helping the owners and upper management as a consultant vs. being a store member until I’m better.

I am coming here with my ideas first because I appreciate all of you and know I will have a more solid idea speaking to other owners and management that have already BTDT.**

To expand on what I said before. Just give it to the Firefighters, Police etc. This is why: it is a goodwill jesture that will come back to reward you in the end. When you are the one that shows you care about them they will start to use your store when they need to buy food. When you get to know these people they will also use your store when their families are going to buy pizza. I would guess that of the 40 firefighters, 20 parimedics and 100 police 50% of them buy their families pizza from me. They tell their friends to eat here too. I believe the few dollars of food cost that I give out is a small price to pay for that much business.

Makes sense Daddio. About how often do you serve these firefighters and police officers?

That is a question that could be answered in many different ways. I have some that come in a couple times a week, some that are weekly customers and some that are less frequent. I am the food establishment of choice when the crew requires a meal because they have been on a long call. I am the place to order from when the ball/hockey teams are hungry. I give away about 2 pizza a month (I have a really good crew that rarely make mistakes)

I also will drop them off at the local bars for free. Like Daddio we hardly have mistakes and I don’t always goto to same bar we have 3 so I mix it up and low n behold the next night we will always get a couple orders from people that were at the bar and thought that was the greatest thing. Also I will drop one off at the gas station around the corner or when season will take one to the ball field to the concession stand workers(after they dish food out all afternoon they don’t watn to cook and will order some that night)

Doesn’t hurt to do this when times are slow to get some customers in the door quick with new pizza not mistakes