mistakes made on orders (too much food put on the order ticket)

If your counter person takes a phone order for 2 slices and enters it as 2 pies (maybe they misheard the customer), how do you deal with that employee? Do you have them purchase that extra food that was made? Any suggestions?

The labor laws where I live strictly prohibit making the employees pay for that kind of mistake.

Mistakes are inevitable when you’re in the fast paced environment it’s the cost of doing business. Forcing your employees to pay for their mistakes sounds like a good way to not keep your employees around. Customers also make mistakes placing their order and unless you’re recording each call, there’s no way of knowing for sure your employee made a mistake at all. Obviously if it happens often, it’s a problem and maybe that employee isn’t cut out for the job.

To eliminate this: we read every order back and quote a time and price. It cuts down on the mistakes

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We document all mistakes, if it is a constant problem (more than 2 times per month) with a specific employee it then becomes 1) a verbal warning, 2) a writeup 3) a write up and suspension and/or possible termination. We reset after 6 months of no issues.