Mixer Batch Size

I currently make a batch of dough using 25lbs of flour and 12.5lbs of water in a 40 qt mixer.

I am looking at new mixers.

If I upgrade to a 60qt Hobart can it handle a double batch, 50lbs of flour and 25lbs of water?

Most 60’s are only supposed to handle 44 lbs of flour. Check out 80qt prices. Not sure bout new, but used they are commonly no more expensive than 60qt’s.

i do 40# flour and 22# water in a sixty with no problem

i was told the 660 hobart 60QT. does 40lbs not recommended 50lbs. the hobart 662 which i have was told has the power of 80qt and will do 50lbs no problem

Only if you opt to go with a P-660. If you go with a H-600 you will be tied to 40-pounds of flour, unless you want to get close and personal with your Hobart repairman.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor