Mixer bowl leaking

The bowl on our Hobart H-60 has sprung a leak. I have no idea how old this thing is, the previous owner bought it used about 15 years ago and we have run it hard for 12 years.
Do they do weld repairs on these things or do you have to bite the bullet and purchase a new one. If purchasing a new one, has anybody had any experience, good or bad, with aftermarket bowls. They are less than half the price of the genuine Hobart bowls but sometimes that initial savings is not worth the cost.


I purchased an aftermarket bowl for my 140qt Hobart and it worked great. I don’t see any reason to spend the extra money on a genuine Hobart bowl.

I do not have a Hobart, but my bowl has been rewelded back together (handles). It will just depend on where the leak is and how good of a welder you take it to.

Take it to a welding shop and have them weld the hole. Make sure they have food grade stainless steel welding wire. I picked up another roll a few weeks ago for $35. If you are buying a bowl. GET A NEW original one. dont buy cheap.

Once I got over freaking out over the fact the thing was leaking, I cleaned everything up really well saw the leak was at the top of the little dome in the bottom center of the bowl. My bowl appears to be made of of carbon steel with a stainless cladding. Instead of welding, I got out the torch and some lead-free plumbing solder and sealed the hole from the top by flowing a little solder into the gap, then flipped the bowl and backfilled with solder to add some structure. Did it Saturday AM and we have run several batches so far without a problem. There is plenty of clearance between the hook and this area, I guess a few decades of dough rubbing that spot wore it down. At least now I have bought some time to shop for a bowl.

Wish i had your luck, had something break every week this month. I’ve stopped keeping track of how much it cost me already