Mixer brands: Thunderbird, Anvil, Sybo?

According to a post I found by Otis, he indicates that Thunderbird makes mixers for Berkel. Sybo, best I can figure, is a Chinese import, so unless someone says otherwise, I have to assume it’s utter crap. Then there’s Anvil, which I seem to see only on Ebay.

Anyone have any experience or knowledge of any of these brands? Thoughts, reputations, or any other info would be greatly appreciated.

I was looking at an anvil and couldn’t find anyone outside of ebayers selling them, which made me nervous (ie nobody to repair, etc).

You can get an 80qt Hobart for $2000 these days on ebay. Evidentally Sam’s Club is closing all their bakeries and as a result there is a glut of 80qt Hobarts on the market. I almost paid $3500 for a 60qt until I bought two 80qt’s for $2000 each. I am going to sit on one of them for a few months and try to double my money on it.

i can vouch that Thunderbird is crap… my dough hook broke and now the bearings seem to be going out (at least thats what their tech team says)…

Oh well, I just got a 60 qt for $1150, so we’ll see. Besides, seeing as how I need a 60 quart mixer for home use :), I doubt I’ll have any issues. My wife’s not terribly happy though :).

You could try and impress her by making several cubic feet of merangue.

Is that anything like jello wrestling? :slight_smile:

"You cannot please everyone, but in my opinion, fairness requires that someone bent on pushing a product and someone bent on condemning a product, should have the same rules applied. "

Surely you have a point, so make it. I asked about three different brands of mixers, all of which were in an upcoming auction. The feedback I was looking for was given. I may have been willing to bid higher or lower based upon feedback of others. I ended up buying a 60 qt mixer for less than I truly expected. So again, I must ask – what’s your point?