Mixer brands to avoid?

Are there any mixer brands/models that I should be avoiding for our particular application (pizza operations)? Underpowered, inconsistent, power hogs, maintenance hogs, parts scarcity, service scarcity, space hogs, under-strengthened drive/transmission, excessive power useage, accessories unavailable/incompartible with the major makers, and so on.

I am looking at Hobart as prime/1st choice . . . am also reveiwing Thunderbird, Globe, Berkel and one I am unfamiliar with: Blakeslee. these could more more affordable/economical for the business plan . . . and I know the problem with having to pay later for operating costs.

In my opinion avoid Thunderbird. I have a 40 quart and it just does not have the power needed. I would go with Hobart or Anvil.

Several years ago we used a T-Bird mixer (40-qt/110-V) at the Orlando Pizza Show and I think it would struggle mixing a cake batter, but that was the WRONG mixer for the application at hand. I’ve had excellent success with the 80-qt. T-Birds, I can cite issues with the WRONG Hobart mixers too. Check the PMQ Archives for the article I wrote on mixers some time back, there is a lot of good meat in that article when it comes to selecting a mixer.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom. You hit on the intent of my query . . . . right tool for right application. Every tool has its ideal use . . . and pizza dough needs muscle and endurance that some machines are not designed to dish out. I’ll look for that article.