Mixer broke, had to use PREMADE Dough balls from Rich's

Hey all,
the pin on my agitator arm broke 2 days ago so I had to go buy some frozen dough balls from my supplier… they are Rich’s brand… 16oz balls, 30 in a case.

There actually not that bad, kind of flavorless but it puffs up nicely like a pizza hut crust.

Does anyone have some recipies for this fluffy style crust?

Thanks all!

OMG, besides my ovens not working that’s got to be my #2 worst nightmare… to lose the mixer. You may want to talk to a bakery or other type of restaurant (that has a mixer) and ask if you can have a reciprocal fail-safe plan in case something like that happens again.

As for the dough, I’m glad you were still able to open with the Rich’s dough. They make good stuff. But it wasn’t YOUR dough and I’m sure your repeat customers knew it.

  1. remove dough from boxes in freezer
  2. place in cooler for two days
  3. remove needed douh to workspace to temper for 30 minutes
  4. stretch skin
  5. dress pizza
  6. bake

Smart alec isin my genetics . . . sorry. I use Rich’s for my pies. It’s a pretty consitent product, give or take the ball weights.