Mixer for Sale

I won a 30 qt Univex mixer at the Pizza Expo earlier this year that I’d like to sell, as I already own a newer 60 qt Hobart. The unit is still in the crate from the manufacturer & ready to ship from my shop in Denver. here’s the link to the spec sheet for this model:

http://www.univexcorp.com/equipment/SRM … -mixer.php

Looking around online, a new one on ebay is listed around $4600 … (good) used ones I’ve seen seem to be listed at around $2500. I’ve seen dealers sites where new one’s are listed just under $4k. Based on that, I think $3000 to $3300 ought to be a fair price. I’ll even throw in the shipping. PM me if you’d like more info or would like to make an offer.

Sorry, I thought the link included took you directly to the proper page on Univex’ site :oops: … the model is the SRM30+. It comes with hook, whip, paddle, & stainless steel bowl. There’s a restaurant consignment auction coming up in my area in a late July where I’ll take it if it’s not sold, so til then I’ll listen to any offers.

You might want to list it on Craigslist and ask top dollars(List), BUT advise you would take payments.
Maybe $1,000 down and the rest in monthly installments. Sell only locally! If they miss the payments go pick it up and start over again($1,000 down and payments).

You didn’t really invest any money in the mixer and possibly you could get more than trying to wholesale it or get less than full valve for the mixer.

If you are scared that the individual is going to “rip” you off or not pay, don’t do the deal! You can also file the UCC(model, make and serial number), so that you can find the machine some day if it was stolen.

Many individuals are willing to pay more for equipment if you will carry the paper!

Good Luck!