Mixer: Globe SP40 or Hobart

Hi, I am opening a restaurant in a few months and we need to decide on our dough mixer now. Does anybody have an opinion or recommendation on whether to go with a Globe SP40 or a Hobart? Or about these brands in general? Thanks in advance for any feedback?

Hi Jah:

I can only state that we have equipped thousands of pizza shops and none of them use the globe mixer nor that unit when it was marketed as the spar mixer. 99% of our clients use Hobarts and I would note that 98% of those were reconditioned units.

George Mills

I would also ask “Do you REALLY want to go with such a small mixer?” I notmally consider a 60-quart capacity as the smallest, and a n 80-quart capacity as the ideal size for a pizzeria. Also, do keep in mind that all mixers, even amongst the most reputable brands, are not created equally. There are heavy duty and standard duty versions of the same size mixers. My advice, opt for the heavy duty version of whatever mixer you select, and by all means, stay away from the 110 Volt flavors.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom. It was nice to get a response from you as I just made your dough recipe with a local baker here in Portland the other day. He kept telling his wife that he was using the golfer’s recipe. I didn’t say anything because he was really excited. Anyway, we just found a used Hobart 60 qt. that we are going with. Thanks for the response.