Mixer Grease?????

i have a 30qt hobart my day crew just advised me that the lwer/raiser lever is locked up took off back panel the thing is completely dry any advise on what type of grease to use need to do it b4 we open back up on monday


for now use vaseline i have even used crisco until i could get some food grade lube

I’m not sure you need food-grade grease for the bowl raiser/lowerer. I’m surprised it froze up though.

One thing I might recommend trying is WD40 if the area is completely dry and void of grease now. The WD40 will help melt any remaining grease and hopefully free it up. Once you get the lift moving again, dry things out as best as possible and then use grease. I’d probably go with the spray white lithium grease if it can stay in place. Otherwise, go to the auto parts store and get some wheel bearing grease. Again, this assumes that there is NO WAY for the grease to ever come in contact with food.

WD-40 is okay, but I like PB Blaster for it’s ability to dissolve other hydrocarbons. The white lithium grease is indeed your best bet, but barring that any high quality wheel bearing grease will do the job.