Mixer problem... AGAIN. Like theres no Oil?

Hey all, I’m having problems with my 20qt Thunderbird mixer again… which is equivalent to the older style 20qt Hobart which I have the blownapart diagram for.

When it starts mixing the dough, it’s fine… but 4 minutes into it when the load starts getting heavy, it creaking and clacking very VERY loud. Back when i had this sort of problem before, i took the front piece off that the “attachments” hook into, and just sprayed a load of white lithum grease in it, and after a while it went away.
Well i tried that again… no dice, so i loaded it up with 3in1 oil… so much oil that it leaked out the bottom where the dough hook attached to. I figured everything must be greased up now… nope, when under a heavy load it still does the same thing.

Ideas? besides calling some body out to take a look at it… i like DIY projects!

Its not the oil. After experiencing the clicking and clacking, i had the transmission rebuilt. The ball bearings were shot.

Have someone look at it.

Keep in mind that these are not “work horse” mixers, and they must be treated gently if you want to remain at a great distance from your friendly mixer repair man. After you get the problem resolved, limit the size of your doughs to not more than 5-pounds of flour weight in any of the 20-quart planetary mixers.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Integraoligist.

Rob T and Tom have the subject very well answered.

If you are operating a pizza shop I don’t think a 20 quart mixer is near the size and strength you need.

George Mills