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How many pounds of pizza dough could a 20 quart mixer produce in each batch?

Mine produces 12lbs of finished dough using 7.5lbs of flour.

If I’m not mistaken, the 20 quart Hobarts have a couple different HP ratings.

LP, it would be helpful to know the make of the mixer as most of the folks here will tell you that a Hobart can work “harder” than any other brand.

The followingweb site - 2nd page down will giv you 20 qt mizer capacities for pizza and other products.

http://www.pmq.com/tt/posting.php?mode= … 22e830e77c

George Mills

George, when I click, the link goes to a REPLY page for this thread. Can you resend the link?

http://www.hobartcorp.com/assets/specsh … 0089(06-07.pdf
Sorry nick I dont know where that came from.
Above web site should do it.

George Mills

In using the Hobart chart that George Mills referenced, they are saying that a 20 qt. Hobart will mix a pizza dough with roughly 60% absorption (most pizza doughs run 56 to 58%) weighing up to 9 kiligrams. There are 2.2 pounds in a Kg. so this will equate to 19.8-pounds of dough weight. If you are in the 56 to 58% absorption range, you would be wise to drop the maximum dough weight a little to maybe 15 or 16-pounds total. If you divide the total dough weight by the total dough formula % (divided by 100) you will get the floiur weight in that amount of dough. Assuming a typical pizza dough formula at 100% flour; 1.75% salt; 2% oil; 0.5% yeast; 2% sugar;58% water you get a total % of 163.75 divide this by 100 and you get 1.6375. So, 16-pounds of dough divided by 1.6375 = 9.7709923 pounds of flour in that dough weight. Another way to look at it is if you want to make 16-pounds of dough yould need to base your dough batch on about 9.75-pounds of flour.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor