if i want to mix 2 25lbs bags of dough, can i get away with a 60qt mixer or do i need a 80qt?

You can mix 50lbs of flour in a 60 qt mixer, but most only reccomend 40lbs. I hav worked at multiple places that did 50lbs in a 60 qt hobart, and the only concern was adding the flour slowly, as to not have it spill out. If you haven’t yet purchased the mixer, I would reccomend the 80 qt as it is easier, heavier duty, and sells used for no more than the 60qts.

you can do 50# in a 60qt mixer, IF it has a 2.5hp motor (this, per Hobart).

Otherwise, with the 1/5 or 2.0hp motor, limit to 25# flour. again, per Hobart.


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A mixer’s dough capacity isn’t rated on flour weight, but by total weight of flour and moisture. Consequently if you are using 50 pounds of flour and use 25 pounds of water or total liquid (this is 50% moisture rate) your total dough capacity will be 75 pounds. If you use a 60% percent moisture rate, the dough will weigh about 80 pounds.

If you use a wetter dough like 58% plus, then you will get less capacity as the motor must work harder. Usually 60 quart mixers handle about 90 pounds of 50% or just around that, dough. The more moisture in the formula, the smaller the batch recommended.

Go to the Hobart web site, they have the information as to the various capacities, moisture loads etc of all their mixers