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Has anyone ever used or heard of a precision mixer? We see we can get a new one for $6,500. It’s a planetary 80qt. Any thoughts on it would be appreciated.


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pm GMAC42. He has one. Said its been rock solid.

This is an old picture from their FB site showing a Pizza Patron (franchise) owner endorsing the Precision mixer … if you can enlarge the picture, you’ll be able to see his thoughts. Also, maybe a call to him to see how it’s holding up might be in order. Another post there is from a New York pizzeria who say they make like a dozen batches of dough each day, and they like it too.https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/246528_561013720596347_1198048836_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=7d71047092fab978c907e331bdf6099e&oe=5B94E956

Wow… tons of pepperoni! ( I know… not very relevant re this thread!)

Re: Precision
We have had a Precision 60 qt for 13 years. We have Hobarts in other locations and even though we have used Hobart equipment for decades we now favor Precision over Hobart. It is a pricing issue, repair cost issue and cost of parts issue. Ever tried to have a non-Hobart repair guy work on a Hobart anything and try to get parts? Expensive and difficult proposition. But, Hobart mixers are great and they last. We have neglected to do regular maintenance for periods of time on our Precision and then go back to regular maintenance as in just oil. Never had a service call in 13 years. We did have someone go through it at the 11 year mark because they were already onsite installing an oven for us. Other than that, never had a service call or an issue with the mixer.
I was skeptical when first considering the Precision because we had never heard of them. I asked the company to give me a 90 day no hassle return guarantee and they did. Along the way we have purchased some other items from Precision. They have been responsive and true to their word. Our oven repair company recently became a distributor for Precision.

Thank you very much for your detailed opinion on it. I appreciate it!

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