I just had a repair man in to look at my dough mixer (40qt Varimixer) it needs about $5500 worth or work and parts to get it fixed. I will be getting a new one.

What brands do you recommend. I think Hobart is going to be too pricey for me, any thoughts on the other brands.


when i was at the pizza expo in A.C i was looking at precision mixers.they come direct from the factory and are gear driven .brand new 60Qt $7900. i would be buying one for my store but my equip guy just got me a 2 yr hobart 60 for $6500.otherwise i would of purchased the precision.

google thunderbird mixers

For the last 3yrs we’ve used a Doyon 60qt mixer with no problems. We bought it new. They are priced considerably less than the Hobart’s and are out of Quebec.


I just got a price on a Globe 40qt, it was pretty good. Does anyone have any opinions on Globe. - Crusher

Personally, I wouldn’t consider anything but a used Hobart. My $3500 140 quart mixer has mixed over 10,000 bags of flour without my spending $1 in maintenance or repairs.

I just got a price on a Globe 40qt, it was pretty good. Does anyone have any opinions on Globe. - Crusher

Only thing I know of Globe is that in a thread about slicers, they were not well thought of. Not sure that this correlates with mixers though.

I just got a price on a Globe 40qt, it was pretty good. Does anyone have any opinions on Globe. - Crusher

We have never spent a nickle on repairs on the used Stefan we bought eight years ago. $2500.

Stephan VCM or planetary mixer? I’ve only seen the VCM’s

Me too. I like the feature that allows me to change the speed or time with out stopping the mixer.

I would check ebay and local auctions. You can get a used mixer that will do the same job as a new one for a fraction of the price. My first shop has been open 8 years and I have never had a problem with my used Hobart mixer. For my newest shop I got a used Hobart 60 quart mixer for $250 off ebay and it works great! I got lucky getting it that cheap. The auction ended on the 4th of July when most people were outside having cookouts instead of being on the computer. There are many great deals to be found on ebay, craigslist.com, local restaurant auctions, etc. You just have to look around. It sure beats paying $7000 or more for a new one. Just make sure to get a good name brand like Hobart.

Hi Crusher:

Lots of good advice in the proceeding.

Precision mixers appear to be very heavy duty, They are not used by many in the pizza industry.

Globe Mixers also appear to be quite heavy duty. They were formally made in Canada under the name Spar. Perhaps some Canadian readers can tell us more.

There are more Hobarts in use than other models and they are very heavy duty. Most pizza operators will, I believe, recommend Hobart. The ones everyone is using are no longer being made so that a used one would have to be purchased. Most used Hobarts have many years of useful life in them.

Hobart recently redesigned their mixer and it will be some time before any solid experience can be called upon to determine if they are up to the quality and durability of the older models.

George Mills

Check out http://www.bakeryequipment.com. They have more used mixers than you could shake a stick at.

http://www.bakeryequipment.com/bakery-e … yID//0//11 lists all of their used 60qt mixers.

I think you’re better off looking at a used Hobart than trying out any other brands of new mixers. They’re proven.[/url]

got a refurbished 60 qt hobart from my equipment wholesaler for $4800. they gut it and replace all the internals and repaint. wouldnt think of using anything else. hobart is pretty much bulletproof imho

Thanks for all the advise.
I bought a refurbished Hobart 60qt from Northern Pizza Equipment. It was $5200 w/ a warranty. I should have it in a few weeks.

we use a univex for the last 4 1/2 years and it was in the store before we bought the restaurant and we never had any issues

Take a look at the Thunder Bird mixers, they’re pretty stout and I’ve been impressed with the ones I’ve worked with. Don’t discount looking at used, rebuilt Hobart mixers, they are an excellent value if purchased from a reputable company.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor