mixing sapputo gold with grande

All right, who does it? I tried sapputo gold and had to go back to grande. Have you ever mixed this product? I am going to try this out tomorrow. We will be goin through the cases tomorrow and i will be back with the results.


where is saputo gold made wisc?

Dont know

wisconsin and california

all i know is that the CA cheese was not good at all…we have been getting WI which is good and I just tried some MD again last week. We always used VT before their plant burned down and then they moved production to MD but they could not keep up so they subbed it with CA…only way to be sure what you are getting is to look at plant #'s on the box

Im a grande 100%er. I lost a taste test with those two head to head. Still never used it. I question the consistency. I know grande is the same 365 days a year. Everyone’s got an opinion, Mine is…If i was gonna mix…it would be those two.

I use EC blend Grande. My rep brought in Saputto equivalent and it had a very different aroma and taste. The consistency was identical as was the buttering off. But everyone in my restaurant noticed that the Sapputo was much more pungent (almost like Romano) both raw and when cooked. Even the rep commented. It wasn’t bad and many of my customers would either not notice or perhaps prefer the Sapputo. But they were definitely different. To finish off the two 5 lb bags he brough, I mixed it in with the Grande. I didn’t have any complaints, and it seemed to cut the pungency down considerably.

Patrick Cuezze

what are you paying for ec blend…mine was 6-5# $70

RESULTS Can’t beat grande straight up.