Mixing sauce without our mixer for 3 weeks, any suggestions?

We use a 60qt hobart to mix our sauce. The motor is going, Hobart says we have about 3-6 months before it needs to be replaced. We are opting to have it refurbished for a fraction of the cost of a used mixer or replacement motor. However, it will take 3 weeks to get the mixer back into action.

We only use the mixer for sauce, about 300 gallons per week. Does anyone have any ideas on how to mix the sauce while we wait? We are sending it out in about a month. RIght now we are thinking that using an immersion blender might be the best option. We also have an extra spiral mixer we could try, though I’m pretty sure it won’t mix that well with a dough hook

Use this from Home Depot and a drill

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If you just need to blend it, yes the drill attachment will work. Get a 1/2" chuck drill with a strong motor and a plastic rubbermaid trash can. We used to use a Food Mill to grind our tomatoes into the 10 Gal can and then used a MP450 robot coupe stick blender but it still wasn’t strong enough to blend our recipe together completely. Human error was in play. We now use a 40qt VCM with cheese knives for 25 sec. Makes 9Gal

300 gallons a week on a 60qt mixer? Thats alot of sauce simple math says you have to fill the bowl 20 times. How long does that take you guys and what do you put the sauce in to use/transport it?

I doubt the motor is bad maybe if it is a single phase one, the rotating starting switch inside is bad or has bad start caps
3 phase it could be bad contactor
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Hobart Parts can be found here https://www.schedule73parts.us

We use a Robot Coupe immersion blender. How much you can do at once just depends on the size of the pot you get to mix it in. What I like about it is we don’t have to clean a machine afterwards. We used a VCM a long time and so happy we don’t anymore.