Mktg Idea for Football Season

tried this little thing last year in the middle of the season got a couple hits but did more research this year

called all the surrounding schools with in 30-40 miles of us(we are in rural oklahoma) and had them fax me there football schedule then i contacted the schools that would be playing the original schools at home and that would or could come thru our town on the way home from the game got the Football Booster contact and emailed them this


First let me introduce myself my name is Dennis McQuinn, I own and operate a small Pizza shop in Comanche, OK called Fat Boys Pizza. My son played football for Comanche Schools for 6 years and we enjoyed the team spirit that they had and the after game dinner that we shared on away games .

I would like to extend an invitation to you and your Football Team and their families to utilize our facility. We are able to seat 120 comfortably and we are able to expand to 150 if needed.

We are located at the intersection of Hwy 81 & Hwy 53 in downtown Comanche, our normal hours are
11am till 10pm but we have no problem extending our hours till midnight if needed to serve your team.

We will open the Pizza Buffet for your group so that you can get in and out and back on the road home as quickly as possible. As an added incentive we will give the players and coaches FREE drinks.

We offer a variety of other dishes like Pastas, Steak, Sandwiches, & Mexican Dinners check out our website

If you choose to dine with us, just call a couple days in advance so that we can prepare the extra Pizza Dough as we make our dough fresh everyday.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this offer to you. If you are not the person that makes this decision I would appreciate you forwarding this to them and to the other Athletic Booster Clubs (i.e. Basketball and Softball)

Dennis McQuinn
Fat Boys Pizza LLC

Store 580-439-6300
Cell 580-333-1300

“Never Trust a Skinny Pizza Guy”

just thought i would share with the other small operators like myself
God Bless and as my soon to be Marine would say Semper Fi

Great idea! Very nice presentation. Now if I had 150 seats…

Wow you stole my thunder, I service 2 high schools and Just mailed in my check for the major sponsor in the programs, I got a copy and started thinking, what does the visitors do? So I have drafted a letter very similar to yours and plan on mailing it a week out to the opposing teams booster club, if this is a success I plan on doing it for basketball afterward if it works

This does sound like a great idea. I wonder if it would work in a 80 seater.

Great idea, I’m wondering how many kids are on a HS football team…

now remember its not just the team its the parents and family members also
oue teams around here run about 40-50 players

We do something similar with a local university . We are a delco so we deliver them to the locker post game or to the bus for the ride home.