My wife and I go, in person, to every front desk 2-3 times per year and introduce ourselves. We point out where there are offers the guests of the hotel can use and where are menus can be found. We then GIVE each and every front desk person a FREE 12" topping pie in form of a business card printed for the purpose that they can redeem whenever they want to.

We ask the front desk manager how many staff they have and we give them that many free pies. We have lodging for about 14,000 people in this resort town, so that comes to a lot of free pies. We do the same for concierge staff, bellmen and shuttle drivers. We do this twice or three times per year and have done so for 10 years.

We also give lodging staff $5 off any order any time delivered to work.

dennis this is a huge market that you DO NOT want to skimp on. Here is what I have done…I went around to the Hotels, we have 12 I told them that all month the front desk eats for free, yep free. every order went out with a smile on it, I explained that we want to establish a relationship with them and we were willing to exstend our hand first.
we taked to each GM explained why we are the reason they should choose us as someone they want to be recommmended. For example each hotel order has a pack of plates, napkins, wipes and silverware. I then asked the GM, what does your geust do when they order from dominoes, eat with your pillow as a tabe and whipe there mouth on your towels…ALSO explain to him that customer service is as high as a priority with you as it is with him, accidents always happen and guest sometimes can be difficult to please. If something happens on your end, and you need to make a guest happy, If we work with you consistantly, we send each month a free meal certificate to be given to any of your guests
now REAL IMPORTANT after 4pm go to each hotel and explain the free food this month, and let them know that if they continue to get us orders and recommmend us that we will feed you all the time.
Curranty we have 3 hotels that we are the ONLY ONES recommended to the geusts. and four other which we do pretty good in.
the 3 hotels which excusivley reccommends us gets free to the front desk, the others is 50 percent off.
Now while a lot of people may chime in and say that is a lot of product to be giving away we made the whole years worth of free food last weekend when the GMs let us put menus in the room as a special favor (most high end hotels cannot have anything in the rooms) DO NOT TAKE THIS AREA LIGHTLY our second store that does this hotel generates 20 to 40 percent of sales on a givin week
LASTY, every friday we take over 4 cupcakes along with our menus to be passed out…
works for us!

When I was staying in Myrtle Beach for a week last year, the hotel we stayed at had a poster size add inside each of the elevators there. It was for some local pizza place on the strip, and showed great close up pictures of all of the different items they served, along with prices, hours of operation and a phone number for delivery. The food looked great.

As a guest there, that ad was the very last thing we saw before going out to dinner, and was the first thing we saw on our way back to the room at the end of very long days. There was the standard list of restaurants and coupons inside the room, but that list is so easy to ignore. Every time we rode the elevator, there were the great pics of the food and the phone number to have it arrive magically. Every single guest on the second floor and above was forced to stare at that food several times a day. The few times we mentioned the ad, someone else in the elevator said they had already tried it and said it was great! It seems the ad worked very well.

We finally gave in one night when we took too long playing the giant putt-putt course and our restaurant of choice had already closed by the time we got there. The food really was great, and after I tipped the driver 20 bux, I told him I was a pizza guy too and asked about the job. He said he came to this hotel many times a night because of that ad, and a few other hotels have it in the elevators too.

I have to admit, I am a fan of scrutinizing various marketing techniques, and this particular one was quite impossible to resist for many. To have your ad in an elevator exclusively with thousands of captive audiences seeing it over and over again is quite powerful. I have no idea what they pay for that exclusivity, but my guess is that it pays for itself many times over.

I remember in some serial killer movie, the clue given to the cops from the psycho was “people covet what they see”. That is so true, especially in marketing. People can’t ‘want’ your food unless they know about it. You have to rise above the noise of all the other ads out there to get their attention. This ad did that very well.

Good article Gregster, but man you maust be getting paid tooooooooooooo much if you can afford to tip $20.
So no more posts about drivers pay :stuck_out_tongue: You just lost all credibility :lol: