MM 360 owner question

my oven is in the shop and I need the overall dimensions of the oven how wide and how long for hood coverage anybody please help

Thanks Dennis

I’m calling the shop, and having my son measure our old 360. Hold on…

Here you go: 54.5" across the top, and 92" from one end of the conveyor to the other. I hope he had his glasses on.

thanks that helps

Here are the exact dimensions: … 3-b3-1.pdf

Hi fat boy:

The hood you select will have to overhang the oven by 6 inches on all open sides. If installed with a wall behind it no over hang required there but take in to consideration any space between the oven and that wall when calculating the hood depth.

If you are considering putting in a make up air system it can result is substantial operating on going cost .

The code calls for the air brought in by the MUA unit to be heated to within 10 degrees of room temperature in cooler weather.

There is no code requirement for cooling the air brought in during warmer periods but ,if you are drawing hot air off you roof it will put a heavy load on your air conditioning system .

You can add a cooling system to your make up air unit but it is a costly option and costly to run.

The combination of heating and cooling costs can be very substantial.

We never use make up air with pizza ovens in installations we are doing nation wide.

We use a certified hood system that does not require make up air if you have an air conditioning system properly sized for the size of your building and considering the heat from the kitchen equipment.

George Mills


We have a MM360 as well and a hood w/ makeup air, although our makeup does not heat or cool the air coming through. How could we know if we are better off leaving the makeup air off in order to make it easier to heat or cool the building. The current AC that we have is undersized for the shop, upgrading would involve moving to a roof unit vs our current (4 ton?) unit we have. If I recall, we would need 8-10 to properly cool our space.


Hi durbancic

You are dumping cold air into your kitchen in winter and hot air in the summer Must be very uncomfortable.

Not running your MUA could cause problems with the local inspectors but you never know

It depends on how well your building is constructed. The hood in a well sealed building could take out enough air to starve the ovens for oxygen with out MUA. You could burn more gas.

Check also the doors with it off if sufficient negative pressure is created they can be very hard to open

I can’t advise not supplying MUA you will have to make your own decision.

You should consider up grading your system.

George Mills