MM 660 vs Lincoln 1000

My equipment guy has a double 360 he is rebuilding, and a 1000 which is generally ready to go. I don’t know specific of either…

Does anyone have thoughts comparing/contrasting these? both are workhorses which are likely vintage 1990 or so…both 32" width belt. MM is a longer cook chamber, 80" vs 40". Lincoln has 7 fingers, MM 8. We are replacing the hood anyway, so we need to match hood to oven. the lincoln would lead to a smaller, thus cheaper, hood.

I am truly mixed on this. 360s have been great for me in the past, but Lincolns have been too. Price is similar enough. Condition is not a consideration, they both will work and look good.




Hi Steve.

The mm 360 has greater production capacity other wise they are equal in my opinion.

I would note that they are older ovens with old technology.

Newer ovens are 30 to 40 % more efficient the operating savings would shortly out pace the savings from buying used. In addition some ovens now come with 5 year parts and service Warranties. Unless all operating parts have been replaced on the used units you will probably encounter parts failures during the next five years.

George Mills