MM Oven problem

The bottom one looks to be OEM, or OEM replacement. I’ve never seen the top one before. Swap them out as others have suggested and see if the issue moves to the lower oven

It only takes 1 philips screw each and they pull right out, might take you 2 minutes to swap

I will give it a shot tomorrow

So after opening the top oven, i found this…
Verified it is the sensor contacts. The wires are almost completely frayed. Just out of curiosity i looked at the bottom oven, much better design imo, and all the leads were perfect.

Going to have to dig out my wire strippers at home and redo those connection. I am hoping that it will fix the problem.

And 45 minutes ago the bottom oven shut off with no warning. Attempted to restart it… and nothing. Oven guy is coming tomorrow morning. Apparently this is the month where my oven completely breaks.

Did you swap temp controllers?
How are you running with no ovens?

No i didn’t bother switching the controllers yet after discovering the wiring issue. The top oven “runs”, and that is what we are using atm. I am hoping it does not die also.

The bottom one may not be original, but it is “correct”.

The top one, not so much. :slight_smile:

As far as swapping controllers - I take that back. Without seeing how they are wired, it is unlikely they are wired exactly the same.

They are not, but i was a EE in a previous life, and worked for alittle while as an electrician. So rewiring them would not have been a big deal.

Seeing as the problem has been sparatic and the condition of the sensor wire, i am working on the premise that when the chamber heated up to far, the wire lost connectivity because it is almost completely frayed and barely connected. Since my oven guy is coming today anyays :eek: i will talk with him about it and see what he thinks.

neither is original. One was a new replacement shortly after moving them into that shop and the other was taken from a really old one sitting in Boulder until December :wink:

Well the bottom oven had a bad gas valve. Back up and running. Still need to rewire the top controller, hoping to get to it tomorrow morning.