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I bought a used oven and really dont know correct placement of fingers inside the oven. My pizzas are coming out ok but some are not cooking evenly. I cant seem to get the crust to crisp up as well. Any help would be great. Thanks to all in advance.

Try all bottom fingers full open. And the top fingers closed except for the last two fingers open where the pizza comes out

Then try 500 degrees at 730 seconds and see where that’s getting you

So many variables to oven setup all we can do is get you in the right direction

Hi Phil:

Jokergerm is correct. There is no solution to your overall problem of getting your oven adjusted for your product except to experiment with finger configurations, time and temperature.

As to the problem of not baking evenly. That usually is the result of the pizzas being placed a bit into the oven at the start or removing then from the oven before they have completely exited the oven. Ether action will result in a portion of the pizza not being in the baking zone as long as the rest of the pizza. Instruct your people to place the pizzas on the belt two or three inches prior to the opening and not to remove them until the last part of the pizzas two or three inches out of the baking chamber.

George Mills


That will certainly solve the “not crispy” problem! :lol:

haha, ya we do a pan pizza crust and we run our pizzas at 9 min and at 505 degrees and they are crispy and not burned

Yeah RG I was wondering about the 12+ minute bake time also. Thin & CRISPY!!! :shock:

How many fingers come with ps360 in each oven? Currently my bake time is 7.10 at 460
I tried 490-500 at 5.30 and burned them up!

We have our ovens set up with a top finger at the front of the chamber and then at the end of the chamber. Gets a blast heading into the oven to jump start the baking process and a blast on the way out to finish browning.

As a quick and dirty rule of thumb, doneness is a factor of time and darkness is a factor of temperature. Try bumping up your time while lowering the temp. If that still doesn’t do the trick, it might be that your dough recipe may need some tweaking to get the results your are wanting.

Did you switch from a deck to conveyor? Just wondering how the new oven might differ from the old.

Re: MM PS 360 Help
by PhilJrMd » Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:03 am

How many fingers come with ps360 in each oven? Currently my bake time is 7.10 at 460
I tried 490-500 at 5.30 and burned them up!

The Middleby ovens shipped with 6 fingers on the bottom and 3 or more on the top depending on how they were ordered.

Middleby 360 ovens could Have any of three styles of fingers, the Original finger on the very early model, the Super finger or the Super Q fingers.

The Super and Q fingers could be ordered with various air hole configurations ranging from full perforations across the face of the finger to no perforations at all.

George Mills