MM ps536 vs Lincoln 1456

Hey guys and gals,

Been a long time reader of these forums and love the feedback it gives. I am about to open a pizza shop and have to decide between a Middleby Marshall ps536 (double stack if i want) and a Lincoln 1456 oven. To be honest i dont know what to do and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :lol:

I have also been looking at ovens, have searched these forums pretty thoroughly. I know that people love the lincoln 1456 impingment oven but i honeslty would not have a clue about the MM ps536!! im sure someone on the forums will be able to answer you mate.

Yeah i have heard great things about the lincoln 1456! I know on these forums people normally talk about the MM 360’s but i wouldnt have a clue about a ps536. Is it a newer model??

the Middleby would have a maximum production 15 in. pizzas at 6minute bake of 40 pizzas per hour.

The Lincoln would have maximum production 15 in. pizzas at 6 minute bake of 78 pizzas per hour.

I would think the Lincoln the obvious selection. You should also consider the XLT 3240 TS,
longer warranty, less costly parts, possibly lower first cost.

George Mills

have they changed the gas economy on the new xlt’s my one store has an eflow(original) and it uses twice the amount of gas as my MM JS250 in my 2nd store any fix for this and what kind of trade in value is bofi giving on these units if any

i am relly interested in the 3240’s double stack