MM vs Blodgett vs XLT

Hey all,

Been doing my best to search for this before posting, but not having a ton of luck. I thought I’d check here for some wisdom and experience.

Looking for a conveyor oven to sell 16" pie at fairs and art shows, etc. I’ve seen some Blodgett3870 in action and while they can crank it out, I keep hearing awful things about parts and maintenance. I’ve even been told that when they’re being replaced in some chain pizza restaurants that the owners are just hauling the blodgetts off for scrap. Whether or not that is true, who knows.

XLT does a good job at selling their product and lots of folks seem to have good things to say about them. I’m looking at the used market (refurbished at best) which still keeps XLTs pricey. They are the only other folks I’ve found that make a 38" wide belt.

Then there is the MMPS360WB which seems to have nice reviews and a 40" belt (Perfect!). There seem to be more used options, and much more local to where I am (Southeast).

I get that to some degree oven loyalty is like car/truck loyalty. Have a bad experience, or just a lifelong neutral one, and you develop these opinions. No harm in that. I’m a Ford guy myself.

What does the brain trust think? Looking for high volume for 16" pie with easy to find, affordable maintenance. I’m fairly mechanically inclined and would like to tackle as much of the “oh shit it is down” problems on my own, on the fly, as possible.

Currently leaning toward a MMPS360WB. Steer me away if you feel inclined.

Thanks for you help and ideas in advance.


They are great ovens and really easy to work on, unlike the newer MM stuff with air switches and high limit switches etc etc

There is like 5 things that go out on them normally and parts are cheap.

Hi PizzaNoob.

I think the Middleby wide belt is your best bet from a cost perspective,
The XLT models are still costly and not a lot of them available used.

George Mills

You might be better off with a double stack of smaller ovens. We use a propane double 2440 XLT for our mobile events. That way if one is down, your not completely shut down. Also, most times one oven is enough and you cut your fuel use in half just running one oven. When doing mobile events you subject the equipment to atypical stresses so I’d recommend spare parts for the most likely issues.
Are you planning on placing/wheeling the oven into a booth or mounting it on a trailer? They are heavy beasts.