Mobile App

Are there sites to trust that you can build your own App. Would like to have an app that goes directly to our online ordering. Are they free like bar codes? We find some people use our online ordering then all the sudden we see their address and order through GH. I still say it’s easier for these people to just push the app on their phone then pulling up our website or menu.

I wouldn’t spend any money on a app. Your app will have to compete with every one else for Realestate on someone’s phone which is scarce now a days. I know how you feel about the GrubHub. As long as your online ordering site is mobile friendly you should be fine. You should concentrate on converting the GrubHub customers to order from your site. One way I have been doing this is by giving every GrubHub customer a business card with an incentive to order from our site. Apps are good if you offer rewards or if you can pay through it and things like that.

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We hardly get any GH orders any more, most everyone has switched to our platform. It’s just frustrating when a customer pushes the damn GH app