mobile apps and online ordering

Been trying to roll out online ordering and mobile app. Spoke with a rep from tap to eat but cant find any other info on them. Who do you use? Is it worth it? Will it really boost sales by 25%

My POS system has it’s own integrated online and mobile ordering. Costs us $100 per month and we do 15-20% of our sales through it. “Will it really boost sales by 25%”? No it will not. If someone is telling you their system will do this for you they are full of cr@p. Some people will not pick up a phone any longer so it will open you up to new customers but not enough to amount to 25% overall increase in sales.

I find those that do order online spend more. Also, it keeps us off the phone so there are several different benefits that can’t be counted in dollars and cents. And yes, it will grow your customer base to those that are antisocial. I started delivering to one person that I believe stays in their room and has their kids answer the door. Pretty creepy really, but she spends a lot, and apparently is not a social butterfly. I envision her trapped in her room with a laptop on her chest as she places her orders. Well, to each their own. Maybe one day I’ll see her.

who do use for your apps and service? I have been talking to Tap To Eat but cant find any one to tell me how their experience was. Seems like company is almost a ghost

We use Revention and their system.

If you can’t find feedback, I would not consider them. Online ordering is becoming more and more important and you don’t want to switch companies any more often than you have to. Customers get used to one system and will likely not be very receptive of a change.

Our online customer absolutely does not spend more. With a couple of years of online order history I can tell you with 100% fact based history that the average order online for us is 10% lower than our store-wide average and a good 20% lower than our best order takers. We run an average ticket report by order-taker-employee as part of our weekly and monthly reports and the online orders show up as an order-taker. The online orders are generally about $2-3 lower than our store-wide number.


I think you use Prism pos, is that correct?

I’m talking to them trying to purchase the system for my pizza shop which is mostly delivery with some dine in and pick up, are you happy with the System? Their Email marketing sounded very confusing to me, do you have any results with that?
Any other tips such as customer support and/or where we can buy the Equipment to keep the initial cost down would help.

@m roobash have a look at the POS forum. Everything you are asking has been discussed many times. I am also a PRISM user and would never consider changing.