Mobile Apps?

Just wanted to see how many of you have mobile apps implemented for your store?
Was it worth it?
Finally which company did you use?
Thank You


It depends upon you what type apps, you want to develop for your store. I think, sato app development is perfect for your need. This develops all mobile app for all type of version.

It doesnt appear that they make restaurant pizza place apps. I wanted something I could use to promote
our coupons or special through it

Wish more people would chime in on this topic. Trying to get my son to start an app and ween people off of GrubHub and Eat24. To develop and maintain it would be 115.00 a month with online ordering.

It can be very costly and time consuming to develop your own app. Typically, if it is only an app for your store, it will only attract your most loyal customers. This is because it is a big hurdle for most people to download an app for a singular purpose/shop. The benefit of working with a 3rd party like Slice, GrubHub, or Eat24 is that you get the benefits of being in their app, exposure to their customer base and you do not have to maintain it. It might be worth exploring different 3rd party platforms to see where you could pay a lower cost per order but get the benefits of their app (Note: Slice is only $1.95/order).

If you do want to create your own, here is a great article about things to think about before developing your app:

SLICE , After how many weeks not one single order. For some reason they wanted access to our email, why?

I am so sorry to hear about your negative experience. That is truly not what we want for restaurants that partner with us. By managing your Google My Business listing we are hoping to simply manage that presence for you by keeping it up to date and making it mobile friendly/optimized so you don’t have to. I completely understand your frustration here and have asked our Account Management team to reach out to you as soon as possible. Once again, I truly apologize for your experience.

Hi SparrowPizza- I was able to confirm with our account management that your account has been disabled as you requested. If you are still having issues, please call 855-237-4992 and we will help to resolve any problems ASAP. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing contact number, The user can directly rectify their issue.