mobile oven listed on Craigslist attracts scam artist

Gotta love this one: I put my trailer mounted oven on Craigslist and have received two responses; one that wants me to let the guy have the oven and use it at art fairs around the country and he will make payments to me and the other was this: (a classic internet scam)

thanks for your responce,am very interesed in buying the item, i reside in CA San Jose but due to the nature of my work i will not be able tocome to down your address,my phone is faulty and i dont callat the pay phone.In order to conclude our transaction,i beleive that am dealing with an honest person and the rigth owner of the item,if there is no problem i will contact my client, who wil make the payment on my behalf,it will be inform of certified whis the the shipper fees will be added,so immidiately you cawsh the check you will deduct your money and wire the excess fund to the shipper.
Shipping arrangement;
i will prefer using our company shipper,just get back to them as soon as you cash the check,and the pickup will take place immediately,please send me your full name and address and mind you"be honest with me and you shall be bless (Amen) kindly get back to me with this below information:
Full Name,
Zip Code,
Cell Number.