Mobile phone websites

I’m looking for a forward thinking operator or two who has a nice online presence. I was recently taught how to code web applications for the Apple iPhone and I want to do a test site or 3 to see how viable it is for pizza operators. What kind of information we can present, etc. If you meet the requirements below, send me an email! Especially if I already know you.

  1. Have a website that you promote.
  2. Have FTP access to your website’s server.
  3. Has ATT coverage in your area.
  4. Is interested in this project.


I have my regular site for normal browsers and that is very mobile phone friendly there is only one graphic and a simple menu. I have been trying to think of a better way to present things.

I also have 2 other domains that i can use. They are currently just forwarded to my existing sites.

The ATT coverage would translate to Rogers here in Canada. I am assuming that your are referring to a GSM network that is iPhone friendly.

I would be intereted BUT it may be a little while I am completely redoing my website