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I am looking to set up a Mobile Pizza Trailer here in Australia.I am looking for some fit out pictures of some mobile Pizza Trailers.Any one have any or suggest good websites. Also ideas on what sort of oven and any ideas suggestions on setup at all as i have never seen one myself but know there are a few of them operating here in Australia.I am looking to use it at festivals and sporting events mainly 1 in paticular where the town i live in has 40,000 plus people come to town for 1 weekend only.I currently own a pizza shop but this festival has a main fenced off area where the majority of people do not leave over the whole weekend and just buy food inside the area so I would like to get in on that market.Any help would be much appreciated.


Look for any post from Otis Gunn and you’ll find a link for pictures of his pizza trailer. He has done much research and I would imagine has set his up as well as can be done.

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The link below will take to to the site where photos and information of my mobile pizzeria.

Also, e-mail me and I will send you photos of the counters that were just installed and not on the web site link yet.  [][/email]

Will be glad to share with you what I have learned doing this.
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We are running an article called Portable Pizzerias in the next issue of PMQ (US edition). Shoot me an email and I will forward you a pre-issue PDF of the article with some photos and also have my graphic designer shoot you over some of the other photos we didn’t use. Email me at

There is an operator in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who operates what he calls a “cater trailer,” which is a mobile pizza truck. The website with contact info is
Good luck.

I think that site is

Thanks Tom i have sent you the email thanks heaps

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Otis your trailer is looking fantastic by what i have seen on your website it is the best i have seen so far. This is somthing i would like to build you have givin me a good picture in my head on how i will do it might even look like a Aussie version of yours.Would like to know the size and expected weight it will carry as i was thinking i may have gone tri axle for that size van but looks like that may have been a overkill by the looks of your van. Thanks and Can not wait to see more pic’s

Thanks Heaps