Mobile Pizza truck

ANybody here have or use a mobile Pizza Truck…Im talking about
making or baking pizza in a remote location inside the truck…

(as opposed to just a warmer type truck)


Otis, where are you? Reckon he’s still sleeping in Vegas…believe he’s the one w/the most advice

I have a mobile pizzeria, a 28’ trailer with a fully equipted kitchen.
I understand there is an operation, I think in Michigan, that has a bank of small ovenes that do one pizza at a time. The pizza is prepared and baked as the van drives to the delivery spot…must take 2 people.
I set up during the winter in Qaurtzsite, AZ, carry out, delivery, and “dine in” under a tent…more of a traditional pizzeria, using a trailer.
You can go to my web site and see photos.

If you are looking for some additional information, you can read teh PMQ article “Portable Pizzerias” at … epizzerias

I have been in contact with these people they build them to you specs.