Mobster Pizzas

Found out yesterday that Grande Cheese and Roma Foods (I use both) were mob businesses until the mid 80’s. How crazy is that?

I’m on the jersey shore where Roma started and I have heard stories from the 80’s, if you got behind on your bills and didnt pay them they would send some guys in to take your pizza ovens and mixer. They would sell them to cover the debt. Also if you didnt use roma logo cups, etc. you would get a visit from some men. They used to give there salesmen cars to use. Hasnt been like that in years, since way before viststar bought them.What

I’ve heard quite a few similar stories about Lisanti foods from the 80’s and 90’s. I’ve also heard a few similar stories about a couple current Italian food companies.

Check out this wiki on La Nova Pizza … a_Pizzeria

all I can is WOW. I had no idea from hear in missouri, but it all falls together now. Now I understand why I heard that as La Nova grew, none of the big 3 chains every came into the market. So La Nova became huge, without ever delivering a pizza…no competition at all!
And I read that Big Joe was in the restaurant everyday…I asssumed it was to make pies!