I would love some help,
First I do not have the power to block or boot anyone. The only thing I can do is go through and delete the obsene posts. and foward to the web master. unfortunaltly Jroc is no longer with us and if I am not mistaken its been since august that we have heard from adpizza…I have emailed the webmaster a couple times to update without a response…Will send a gain though

Congratulations to Daddio - our new moderater!!

Lets hope we have a nice quiet time now with nothing to moderate!!



Very good choice with Daddio; although don’t Canadians have a slightly different perspective on things? JK :wink:

Yes we do have a different perspective. We look at the world from the top down. :lol:

Wuth the current exchange rate, does that make him 88% as powerful as a USAmerican moderator? :shock:

Sorry Nick today it is only 81%! I should have paid for the Pizza Cruise back in August :?