Mold in Cheese Shakers

Does anyone else have a problem with mold forming inside their parmesan cheese shakers? We use the glass shakers and constantly have a problem with mold forming (and the top lid becoming rusty). And we’re pretty good about rotation, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

Any ideas?


Make sure they’re dry when filling them.

Is it very warm in your store? We had an issue with AC that couldn’t keep up and that humidity seemed to affect the shakers, they didn’t get moldy once the weather cooled off.

If you don’t already, I’d suggest putting them away in a cooler at the end of each night

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ours get placed in a cooler each night, when they go empty, they get thoroughly sanitized through a hot-water sanitizing dish machine, and fully dried before their next use.

I would do a heavy bleach solution and soak those shakers in it for an hour, then let them air dry. You may have mold spores living permanently in those containers and that why it keeps blooming

Also, get the plastic lids for them. Or make sure they are stainless stell and not plated.

Or don’t put any on the tables. We use Italian Parm- buy a wheel and hand cut/grate- and put it on the pie before baking. People often ask for parm shakers but we explain the cheese we use has 100 times the flavor of the stuff most pizzerias use and we send the pies out in balance. If they push it we share that a shaker of our cheese would cost about $15 retail. Not a 1 has complained after tasting the pies. In the long run we probably spend a lot less on parm than shops that put the cheaper cheese on the table :slight_smile: walter