Moldy BACON!

I recieved an order from Roma yesterday. Last night I got a call from my manager saying that the bacon topping that just came in that day had green mold on it. I told them to save both bags from the box and I would check it out today. I came in this morning and they were not kidding green fuzzy mold on the bacon. It had a manufactor date of June 17th on it. It is a Burke product so I am a little concerned because I get my chicken topping, beef, and sausage from them. If bacon is going bad what is going on with the chicken!

Anyone ever had moldy bacon?

I had a problem like this with one of my suppliers a while back. What it turned out to be, in my case, was the manufacturing plant had undergone some changes and the maching was not sealing the bags properly. I got a credit for all the bad meat and they got their machine fixed.

If you added eggs, would you get
drumroll pleaseā€¦

One of those days, keep laughing to keep from crying.

That would be green ham and eggs.

No, I used the Sugerdale layout bacon and prep cooked it every morning. Nice aroma going around the store when the lunch crowd started! I also cooked my own chicken, beef and sausage. Try it, it adds a lot to prep but a much fresher product without this sort of worry.