Mon, Tues, Wed specials

can you guys share your specials for these nights we are currently doing a $5 large on tues but that kills mon & wed would like to spread it out over those 3 days


We do our box topper specials for Mon - Thurs, but I would never go down to $5 - it’s not our market here in Australia (except for Domio’s and Eagle Boys)

We have done $10 Large menu pizzas (13"), 2 Large (menu pizzas), Garlic bread & 1.25lt Drink for $25.50, plus other combo deals but keep them for M- Th only. Spreads the sales more evenly and gives customers a more even spread to purchase in.

We have our standard 2 or 3 pizza deals (smaller discount) for any other time.


You can view my website for specials.
They are changing for Fall, effective 9.1

They will be “Pens Specials”. Named after Penguin players. For example, Tuesdays will be Crosby day, $8.70 Large Plain.

They will be on the site next week if you want to see them…

I have always done:

Monday ~ Large for a Medium Charge!

Tuesday ~ Two For 1, (if you can’t beat em join em!)

Wednesday is predominantly my slowest day, its a family town, they eat together and then they go to church. Everyone goes to church in my small town on Wednesday and Sunday. So I do 3 medium one-toppings for $15.00 (55% off) or 3 medium combos for $9.99 each (38% off)

Good to see fellow youinzers hitting the TT. I moved from the PGH area a year ago to chase my dream of my own pizza shop here in central PA. Good luck to you an 'at !

The most successful shop by me does a Large Cheese + 1 item for $4.29! Of course they just raised it from $3.99 I heard because of the cost of cheese. They KILL everyone else!

Of course the pizza sucks but the masses that are out of work LOVE the cheap eats!


I wonder sometimes?

My average stores sells about 200 orders a week at $30. and order. about 400 pizza’s a week, and the profit is about 25%

I wonder how many cheese pizza a guy has to sell at $4.29 to to amass the same profit potential. 1500? 2000? 3000?

When I was younger I got excited over 1000 pizza nights, now that I am older, and a little slower, I get excited over a 100 pie night.

Going cheap isn’t always the way to go. I hate to discount my pizza. Cause I know, I put out an awesome product, I take pride in my product. What ya expect I am 40 years old, and I operate a pizza store. Most of the 18 , 19, & 20 running the stores in my neighborhood could care less, there working for a paycheck so they can buy alcohol, and pot, and go party.

I guess if you wanna sell pizzas like Little Caesars for $5.00 and be known as the cheapest cardboard pizza in town, go right ahead.

Tuesday used to be our slowest day of the week, until I started offering a large(15") Pepperoni pizza for $9.99( reg price is 16.75 ) We let customers do any one topping for 9.99 now( additional toppings 1.90 ea.) The first week we sold 12, the second week we sold 30 or so. We hovered aoround around the 60 mark for a few months. About 3 years later, we are doing 130 consistently. Don’t even ask me about last Halloween, it was a tuesday…

Now tuesdays are on par with fridays and saturdays. Still looking for a Monday special.

WOW! I need to open a store where you are at!